The Purpose of Grace Community Men’s Group……
Grace Men’s Ministry includes every man attending Grace Community Church.  We believe that men need to be connected with other Christian men.  Who can challenge us, share our struggles and cheer for our successes.
Grace Men’s Ministry exist to equip men to glorify God by becoming fully committed disciples of Christ.  We seek to accomplish this through:
  • Strengthening our relationship with God
  • Developing as spiritual leaders
  • Encouraging fellowship/small groups
  • Practicing accountability                                   
Grace Men’s Ministry helps men grow in their walk with God, while keeping their eyes on Jesus.
God has given us the gifts of time, talent and treasure!  So the question, how are we using them?  One of the most rewarding ways is to serve others.  Grace Men desire to be more like Jesus who did not come to be served, but to serve.  Whether it’s local, one day Mission Trip, assisting community outreach events and ministries, partnering with other church ministries, or responding to individual needs as they arise.  Grace Men stand ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus.