Included here are some excellent tools for you to use in maturing your walk with God:


Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway enables you to read and research the Bible online, for free, in the translation or language of your choice!


Bible reading plan

Click on the heading for this option to view a reading schedule.  If you would prefer to listen to the Bible being read, visit to listen – and you can keep on track with the reading schedule this way as well.


Read an average of 3 chapters daily and you will have made it through the Bible in one year.  There are many variations of plans to be found online, or you could create your own.  If the reading is too much, then pace yourself.  One chapter a day will get you pretty far within a year, and you could always mix reading with listening as an option.  Psalm 119:18 says: “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.”  May this be our prayer as we commit to reading through the Word of God daily.



Christian Apologetics Research Ministry researches religious and non-religious movements and compares them to the Bible.  If you have questions about Christianity or wonder what the Bible has to say about an issue, CARM is a great place to look. is a resource for those needing assistance: They have helpful information for abused women, hungry families, those with disabilities, Senior citizens, and many others.


Way of the Master

Way of the Master is a ministry that teaches Christians how to share their faith effectively, lovingly, and Biblically – the way Jesus did.  We love this so much that we offer training every year!