Leaders are important for the growth, education, welfare, fellowship, and general life of the Church.  Leaders are selected by the members of our congregation at the Annual Business Meeting.  The leadership of Grace Community Church consists of a Pastor and the Elder Team.

John Tuff – Pastor

Pastor John and his wife Patty joined us in October of 2016. In addition to being a Pastor, John is a Counselor and Author.  John’s entire ministry is focused on sharing the love of God and the value He places on each one of us.  We are blessed to have this very special husband and wife team.

Basil G. Mays – Elder

Through Basil’s background GOD has given him many Blessings and tools to utilize for HIS work. The ones he has always enjoyed throughout his various professions is passing on the knowledge he has been Blessed to accumulate by his teaching and mentoring others. Although those are not his natural “Gifts”, it is a labor of love. His ability as a Mentor and Scribe are very visible as he communicates with the Congregants and other Leaders. He is supported wonderfully by wife, Sharon.

Darrell Decker – Elder

Darrell has a wonderfully full history of serving our Lord and Savior. He and his family served in the wild jungles of Colombia, S.A. for many years where they raised their four children. Due to health issues they returned to the States and continued as missionaries working with youth and being an interim Pastor in rural Michigan. When he and his wife, Nada, retired to Florida the Lord prompted them to continue their work with young people and the opened a “Teen Center” in North Port. Again physical ailments caused by exposure to chemicals while in the military forced him to retire, again. They later joined Grace Community Church and he accepted the call to be an Elder. He has worked in many different capacities, especially as the Pastor’s fill-in for visitation, a role he very much enjoys.

George Norton II – Elder

George, a Mechanical Engineer by education and trade, spent his youth and career in Connecticut before retiring to Florida. He was the first Elder selected when his home Church, Valley Bible EFCA Church moved from Traditional Church Board leadership to an Elder led Church. His strength and “calling” is Financial Management and Administration Leadership in which as a “GOD given Gift,” he excels. His catch phrase is “Let’s not get ahead of GOD” and if you are around him very much you will hear that phrase. His Wife, Marge is a true Prayer Warrior and through her prayers and petitions for him, he receives much strength and energy.