Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement:

To help people develop a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ by serving God and serving others.

Our Vision Statement:

To see our community and the world transformed by the love and saving grace of God.


These play out in a number of ways . . . we want to bloom, build, and bless.

1. Hearts for God – a desire to worship God in every facet of life
2. Minds for truth – not just knowing the Bible, but knowing how to interpret and apply it

3. Ears to hear the struggles of those we meet – listening to understand vs. listening to answer
4. Eyes to see opportunities – perceiving what is needed and what we (individually and collectively) are able to provide

5. Mouths for speaking the Gospel – seeing our interactions with others as opportunities for sharing the Gospel, and then acting on it
6. Hands and feet for going and doing – understanding how God has equipped/gifted us and then making ourselves and our resources available for ministry in those ways


We work toward these by being involved in various Ministries.